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Instructor Beverly's observations on May 12th, 2022:

Discussions about the water cycle and its role in our lives combined with real world applications in the forms of hands-on labs have made for an awesome 6 weeks with our S.T.E.A.M. team. It has been great to see how participants of all ages are able to provide unique contributions to our program. As we approach the final week, I look forward to seeing how the students will apply their new knowledge to help develop a successful rain garden over at Christ the King.

Instructor Harry's observations on May 19th, 2022:

I have greatly enjoyed my time with the students during this program. The students have been eager to learn and the staff is always ready to assist. I think we have planted seeds in the imaginations of the kids that will hopefully lead them forward in their relationship with science and the arts.

Instructor Vanessa worked with the students on various art projects:

Here are Peyton L., Antoine, Xaire, A'nyla, Dallas, Brooklyn, Caitlyn and Joshua getting their sketchbooks!

Here are Kamaia, Samantha, Dallas, Elyazor, Enacent, A'nayla, Jaylen, and Amirah doing their first batch of Cyanotype nature prints!

The following Cyanotype Nature Prints are currently on display at the Student Exhibition on the 8th floor Gallery of the Taubman Center at College for Creative Studies.

The Cyanotype Nature Prints from left to right are by Enacent H, Samantha P, Sirah'ya M, Elyazar H, A'nyla G, Jaylen N, Antoine E, Peyton C.


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STEAM Program Arts Teacher


STEAM Program Science Teacher

STEAM Program

Middle School After- School STEAM Program

  • Develop critical thinking

  • Help Local environment

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Free Diner

  • Lots of fun

April 5 -May 19

Tuesday + Thursday

4-6 pm

Call (313)-493-9129 OPT. 1 to sign up today

The STEAM program is funded in part, by grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Adrian Dominican Sisters, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Catholic Climate Covenant.