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Instructor Briana's observations on June 28th, 2021:

Learning about our environment isn't just important but it's fun too. Ms. Emily teaches about the significance of water and its effects on us and our surroundings. During instruction and lab, students are introduced to a lot of new vocab and skills. It can be tough for some students, especially our younger ones but to our surprise we have a great group of older students who have embraced the youngsters giving them a chance to learn, take chances and make new friends.

Instructor Terrance's comments in mid-June:

These are the stars of St. Suzanne S.T.E.A.M. program. I asked these young people what they would like to be will they got older. I was pleasantly surprised, one said Engineer, another said bio chemist and another said pastry Chef..... It was such a wonderful day to see young people reach for their full potential.

Instructor Emily's thoughts on classes the first week of June:

The students conducted a lab in which their task was to design a circle of pavement that is pervious- that is, that water can easily pass through. Students mixed their pavements together on Tuesday using concrete, sand, pea pebbles, and water. On Thursday, it was time to test to see if their mixes worked! As soon as students entered the outdoor classroom on Thursday, they immediately gravitated towards their pavements lined up against the back wall. Playful banter soon began, where students predicted whose pavement would be the most pervious. Every student was engaged in the lab that day, with some students holding their pavements while another student poured water over it, and yet another student used their phone to time how long it took for the water to pass completely through the pavement. Even the students who did not exactly make a pervious pavement, but a pavement nonetheless, seemed to have a great time! Through this hands-on lab, the students acted as engineers, designing a component of green infrastructure that will be the future of the urban landscape!

STEAM After-School Flyer v2.pdf

STEAM Program

A red flyer with a photo of a child working on a project. Print on the flyer.

After- School STEAM Program Ages 10-14

  • Paid internship

  • Developed critical thinking

  • Help Local environment

  • Learn to rap

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Free Diner

  • Lots of fun

May 18-July 6

Tuesday + Thursday

5:30-7:30 pm

Call (313)-493-9129 OPT. 1

To Sign Up Today

The STEAM program is funded in part, by grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Adrain Dominican Sisters, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Catholic Climate Covenant

Emily sub..mp4

EMily Vanhaitsma

STEAM Program lead Teacher

Emily Vanhaitsma is standing behind a project that was created and displayed during the 4/20 open house.

Terrance Collier.mp4

Terrance Collier

STEAM Program Arts Teacher & Rapping Mentor

Briana T.mp4

Briana Terry

STEAM Program Assistant Teacher

5/25 Class Session